Monday, March 5, 2012

How I Got Here

I bet some of you thought that my accident was the last you had to see of me.  No such luck on that!  I am faced now with the problem of how to get back to everyday life.  So, how did I actually get here?  As close as I can recall, my buddy and I (then and now) were signed up as strippers (sorry ladies, but I'm willing to bet those pics were destroyed!) for a bachelorette party dressed as bad boy cowboys, gun belt and all, on the prowl for a little rough but fun-filled night on the streets.  Sorry, now I'm rambling...ha ha.  Why didn't you say so?  Gotta give me a chance with this blogging thing.  I have always loved to write and I certainly need some form of an outlet these days, so I'm hoping this is it.  You can even earn money running ads for Google on these blogs.  And to be honest, I'd love to make some money.  I do have some plans in my future. 

Well, back to that buddy and I ended up in a terrible accident.  Obviously we were up to no good and the end result is now my life.  I don't remember much of the actual accident, but I do know we hit a tree at a high rate of speed.  I was the passenger and my injuries were extensive.  I was incubated at the scene and nobody thought I would even make it to the hospital alive.  Maybe I'll write more about all that another day. 

You see for most of the time since I suffered this accident, I have felt remarkably helpless.  In July it will be two years that I have been pretty much out of the loop.  Almost two years sitting in a room with four walls unable to walk, talk or eat on my own.  I intend to share what all I've been through with you, maybe even share some of my writings with you, let you in on some things I've learned and take you along for what I hope to be the last leg of this journey. 

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  1. Travis! Keep writing man your words and actions are really moving man.
    -Dustin Whitehouse

  2. Travis...I am interested in reading your thoughts....If you want to chat or 847-865-5065. What is your outlook?

  3. What are your goals currently? What types of things are you doing to achieve those goals? What is a big challenge you are currently faced with?

  4. Hi, my name is mandie and my son was in a car accident on November 5th. He currently remains in a minimally conscious state. Watching your video is definitely inspirational and gives me hope. Had a few questions......would love to talk or text, my number is 317 654-1915. Wondering what your injuries were, what was your prognosis, when you say coma for 4 months do you mean you did nothing or did you open your eyes and do some things on command? I'm scared for my son and would love to hear more about you5 recovery......thank you