Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Business Opportunity

Presently, I can't give the details concerning this job  because I don't want anyone to steal this astronomical idea. It's to fund me, to get licensed to help you guys save hundreds.
One that I have already calculated will save over 400$ annually. Can you even imagine how staggering that figure would be?
That's a vacation!
If not more.

This job will be a safe environment for me, being since I can't walk with full stability yet, much less drive ANYWHERE.
From Manager of a restaurant to this helpless state, good trade off yes?
HA, no.

This job will offer you a substantial foothold in our diminishing economy.
I can't promise you an extra 400$, but I can promise a sizeable chunk of money.
My birthday is January 5, please help me achieve one of my dreams by then. Please.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Make it a Happy New Year!

Lots of parties and social gatherings tonight,
BE safe!
I'm not even saying don't drink.
Knock yourself out.
But PLEASE don't drink and drive.
This is NOT fun AT ALL.
It only takes one time. 
I had done it hundreds of times before.
But just one night
Got me a lifetime of frustration and hardships.
Don't risk it.
Have a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Please Pray

Yet ANOTHER swallow test scheduled for this Thursday.

Last week, even though I knew I might not like my answer (I really can't remember the last circumstance that I faced and questioned in recent years where I liked my answer), Haha 'twas a pretty intricately laced sentence I just wrote. Anyways, I asked "Will I have a feeding tube forever?" My speech therapist has always been pretty straightforward with me, not negative but more realistic. I shouldn't even be alive presently. I am, thank God for that. She responded: "Í can't answer that honestly without seeing the results from your next swallow study."

So please, please pray for good results. Pray again, if need be. I would like to model underwear someday, but that's not possible with a feeding tube. HA HA!  I'm really worried about this test on Thursday.  It takes literally two seconds to pray. 

"God please help Superman eat!"   Period.

Prayer works. I'm a living testament to that.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


A close friend suggested I do a blog about Thanksgiving. I agreed wholeheartedly, so here we go. Thanksgiving is a time of thankfulness, note THANKSgiving.

I have a multitude of things to be thankful for, my superfluous life for starters. Every single moment is a gift from God, EVERY.  More so in this particular time of my life, haha. I'm also thankful for my amazing family and remote friends, that have stuck by me, in this my gravest hour. It perplexes me really, I didn't do a single thing to deserve this desolation, yet nobody wants to sacrifice their precious time. It's all very relative though, I have my life to be thankful for. 

My family depended on your prayer and I thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart. If you've seen my video, it's obvious without your prayers, I would be dead. Without question, someone's body could not undertake that much damage.

Live as I have. We should ALL be thankful at the very least to have the ability to draw in breath. Thanksgiving is upon us so loosen your belts and eat heartily. The birth of our Savior is right around the corner, so save some room!


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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Speech Update

Just recently, I started speech therapy for the fall semester at Baylor. As long as I'm making progress, I'm permitted to attend the program, please pray I continue to successfully navigate said peaks and nail biting terraces. Only with God is any of this even conceivable. Baylor is helping me talk once more, while my speech therapists over at Hillcrest are working diligently with the woman who invented DPNS (deep pharyngeal neurological stimulus or something like that) on my swallowing whole foods capability, fairly productively I'd wager. Along with the arduous task my throat needs, they are torturing me with some facial nerve device for my drooling.  Just kidding, although it does have a biting characteristic.  Pretty recently, I had yet ANOTHER swallow test. It seems that therapy has no end, in this my darkest hour. Yet, I continuously press on, as I don't really have an option, to achieve my very distant goal of being fully recovered and living in LA. Tis surely improbable, but definitely not impossible. From the swallow study, the Hillcrest therapists realized I needed to go to an ENT doctor (ear, nose, and throat). I saw Dr. Holland and he will do a procedure to dilate my esophagus and put Botox on a muscle that is not opening like it should on Thursday, October 10th. 
PLEASE pray all goes well.

New therapist at Baylor.  She's great.  
With La Tante at Baylor.

 At Dr. Holland's -

Thank you for the prayers.  



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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Things Could Always Be ...

I have ventured on a myriad of treks and journeys through Texas, but in my
"stays" in around about five brain injury clinics I was faced with some brutally
lethargic cases. People that were so victimized by said injuries, pity never
even asked to come out and play. Nay, 'twas forced out of me, like vomit. It was
all of us young, athletic, and charming men. Two of which were undoubtedly
college football players, pretty good from what I hear. It wasn't an injury from
football that did them in, surprisingly. Alcohol was the leading cause in their
injuries as well, funny how that works.

One was boisterously drunk, running around, making a complete fool of himself, I
reckon. He stupidly decided the best course of action, would be to latch on to a
moving vehicle while riding on a skateboard. Must I go into detail about what
happened next? Today, he is nothing more than a five year old. Good decision,
wouldn't you say? I don't think so.

Yet another of my companions, was floating down the Comal River, inevitably drinking.
Something which all of us has done, at one time or another.
But he ran into a couple, where the guy was being excessively
abusive to his girlfriend.  My compadre, a stand up kinda guy, I guess, told the
jerk to give it a rest.  BAD idea. The guy beat the heck out of my friend,
I mean really bad. ALMOST to the brink
of death, but he made it out the other end of the long, dark, and decrepit
tunnel. Mentally intact, but FAR from physically okay. Yes, mentally fine, but
paralyzed from the neck down. Really now?
How evil can you be?  To do that to someone?
Bludgeon them mercilessly, until they are cringing under
your steadily rising furious blows. Probably bleeding LONG before you've
finished. I believe that an act such as this is so heinous, so the death penalty
should, at least be considered. I mean why not? Their subliminal actions weren't
murder, but they might as well have been. My buddy, can NEVER walk again, really NEVER
in fact do anything. Also extremely doubtful he'll ever talk again.  

Things could ALWAYS be worse.
MUCH worse.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Shibby Movie Reviews II

Presumably We're the Millers was sick (means good). Definitely a party boy movie with quite funny
scenes. Makes me chuckle just thinking about it. Obviously a high school movie,
with an edge to it.

The Conjuring was not a real nail biter, but definitely one of the scarier movies I've seen. More high
packed suspense, it left you wondering just what was in that door ajar closet.

Obviously 2 Guns was inexorably a guy movie.  Mom liked it a lot, while I thought it was
okay. Definitely not the best, but then again not the worst.

Elysium is one of my faves out of the movies playing. A lot of edge of the seat action, fairly good
storyline, although I find Matt Damon repulsive. It's not really his acting that
bothers me, it's just his demeanor drives me insane.  But Elysium is one of those exceptional movies.

or "cool" to the uneducated.