Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I believe it.

Such a vastly discrepant world, shows little promise of armistice.
And not just a ceasefire among nations
And finally, the big one, of the era seemingly,
Money. 💰

Everyone's clawing for more:
More freedom
More independence
More money of course
Just more.

We see less ingenuity everyday, and more just blatant disregard for that what is wholesome and good.
Inadequacy rules with an ugly, almost STUPID 👊
Immorality, depravity, and heinousness reigns supreme
Especially now, more than ever before.

Why do we flee from the truth?
The good book predicted it, and yet we "mull" around, almost COMPLETELY oblivious to the truth, as it almost strikes us SQUARE in the face.

Didn't Noah have the same exact problem?!

Side note 📝:
I was reading a book one time, I don't remember the name...
It was listing all the irrevocable proof of Christianity:
It said that there is no physical way to prove that Jesus was the son of God -
It's all about faith.
So let's just prove that Jesus was an actual, living person.
MUCH more verifiable lol

Did u know that there is more proof that Jesus actually lived than that there is water in the Gulf of Mexico?

I'm sry but THAT'S a pretty far stretch...

Then I thought about it
Jesus, since His time has been THE most celebrated and idolized man in history
Idk exactly, in fact I'm pretty sure that nobody can give u the EXACT number
Let's just say that MILLIONS of buildings have been constructed, named after, and used for His glory
Not to mention ALL the paintings, monuments, and other artwork DEVOTED to Him
Sounds to me like He was a pretty exceptional "man"!

It also talked about Noah:
Now, back in those days, it'd be a pretty big gamble to say water covered the WHOLE world 🌎 a dubious proposition at best.
More than likely the WHOLE world was a radically different story from today
I mean like for them, the whole world could be like that entire continent
Eurasia or whatever.

It also talked about some of the mountains having proof of water covering way above sea level
Idk, not a scientist and don't remember exactly...

ALL I can HONESTLY say is that if He said it:
I believe it.

I'd like for everyone to make it
Alas, pretty doubtful.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. lol

One Love,

Sunday, July 23, 2017

A New Era Is Upon Us

A new era is upon us.
We have to shed the quickly dissipating past generations and make our mark in history. The past is behind us, and we need to think about the future. HONESTLY, I don't think we have much time left.

Whatever u wanna believe, we can't deny the astronomical rate in which things are dissolving away. "I" believe Jesus is coming soon, could be ten years or twenty, nobody knows the day. ALL I know is quite a few signs, foretold in the Bible THOUSANDS of yrs ago are happening. Everyone needs to ask themselves what would happen if I'm right? What's gonna happen to me and other people who believe like I do?!
ETERNAL bliss and TOTAL gratification in praising the true King 👑 every moment!

I'm not a Biblical scholar, and honestly, even if I was nobody'd wanna read someone ramble on for paragraphs so I'm not sure I would.

And then u need to ask yourself what would happen if you're wrong?!
ETERNAL damnation.
Would being tortured over and over again for all eternity be fun?
I think not.
Claim Jesus with your heart.
BELIEVE with your heart, and u WILL be saved.

I'm telling u this because I care.
I'm not malevolent or anything.
I don't want anyone to be eternally damned. "I" want everyone to make it - including you.

PLS listen to reason.
PLS don't forfeit your soul.
For ALL time.

One Love,

Monday, October 17, 2016

Women DESERVE Our Respect

In my opinion, this should be number one on EVERY guy's priority list.

Women DESERVE our respect.

Not ONLY because they're mothers to us all.

Male and female alike, which they are, in MY opinion, they're the better sex.  They care with their hearts 💕 AND the rest of their physical bodies, which they do, wholly and completely sacrifice to the cause.  It's no simple task caring that much.  It can make you physically sick with despair, almost unheard of to men.

Men are so narcissistic.  So coarse and rugged.  I guess some girls like that.  lol  
Not me.  But I better not get off topic.  lol   Somebody pinch me when I do that 😂

Anyway, they need our respect.  Not necessarily because they're less capable or anything like that.  "I" think they're more capable.

I think they've proven:  they can do any and everything a man can do.  Probably better, in some cases at least.  Besides make a baby, and idk how long that'll be true!  What with technology making verifiable LEAPS and BOUNDS on a daily basis.

The real reason men should respect women is because men WANT to be respected.  Give respect to earn respect.  

None of this: guys are better than girls malarkey.
Such BS.

I can PROMISE you, I would much rather be with a dozen girls than a dozen guys.  On really any circumstance.

Maybe it's just how I was raised.


I LOVE women.

One Love,


Monday, September 7, 2015


I keep reading of all this hoopla about this being the end times. What a witless conclusion!

To God, time is meaningless. God is not constrained by time because He is eternal.  However, He does plan things in His own time and timing.  This is predominantly explained in Ecclesiastes.

"The rapture," if you will...
evidence given most notably in the final book of the Bible: Revelations.

He RARELY works in our misguided, mortal time frame. I'm wary to say NEVER, although I reckon that is the case SOMETIMES.

Do you know how many times throughout history that man has tried to attest present day circumstances with scripture?  Well albeit, neither do I, but I'd wager it's a substantial amount.

Now, I could be unequivocally wrong about this, but I kindly doubt it.

Besides all that nonsense, I highly doubt that God, in all His wisdom, would only allow us a few, measly centuries to succumb and to learn from His teaching. What about the people that haven't been born yet?   Don't you think He'd allow them an option?
His love is so radiantly full and complete that He allows us a choice:  Live for Him or not.

In the end we have to choose to trust His goodness, faithfulness and mercy. He has entrusted His message to our imperfect hands.

Indubitably, we need to continue to spread His message to the four corners of the globe.

One Love,

"But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day."  2 Peter 3:8

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

NYE 2014

I would NEVER try and tell you not to drink. If people want to do something, they do it.

I'm not saying don't drink.  That's your choice. 

Just be safe, be smart.

Do you think you have ANY idea on how much I regret the night in question? Not even close.

Is that enough?

Let me know if I need more.

One Love,


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back at It

It's been awhile since I blogged, but my counselor told me it was essential for personal recovery.

Finding yourself therapy.

I guess to reshape myself, both intellectually AND physically.
Not to mention it's phenomenal mental therapy.  I used to think mental therapy was irrelevant n insignificant, but lately I have retracted that statement. Especially after everyone comments on how I don't even seem like I have a brain injury.

Quite the conundrum! What's more, I FEEL smarter now. More in touch with my intellectual side.
I was kinda nerdy growing up, not bad.  Just a little, lol. 
From what I hear though, nerds in school make more money!
The grass isn't ALWAYS greener on the other side.
One Love,

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The 4th

The 4th of July is a time of year which stimulates a myriad of party invitations, so enjoy yourselves. Have a blast! Please, please, please don't drink and drive though!

I'm not saying don't drink, just PLEASE don't drink AND drive.
Call a friend, family member, or someone else SOBER.
Nobody cares.
Be safe.

Sure it's very enticing, that intoxicating drive home filled with an uncoordinated stupor, loud music, and a galore of distractions.
Bright lights.
Even at 2AM, while there's not a car on the road, you NEVER see the cop parked behind Shipleys until those red and blue lights are flashing in your rear view. 

Even IF you never get pulled over, your life can take a nosedive into turmoil.  Trust me.

I fell FACE FIRST into a malignant affair.

One Love,