Monday, September 7, 2015


I keep reading of all this hoopla about this being the end times. What a witless conclusion!

To God, time is meaningless. God is not constrained by time because He is eternal.  However, He does plan things in His own time and timing.  This is predominantly explained in Ecclesiastes.

"The rapture," if you will...
evidence given most notably in the final book of the Bible: Revelations.

He RARELY works in our misguided, mortal time frame. I'm wary to say NEVER, although I reckon that is the case SOMETIMES.

Do you know how many times throughout history that man has tried to attest present day circumstances with scripture?  Well albeit, neither do I, but I'd wager it's a substantial amount.

Now, I could be unequivocally wrong about this, but I kindly doubt it.

Besides all that nonsense, I highly doubt that God, in all His wisdom, would only allow us a few, measly centuries to succumb and to learn from His teaching. What about the people that haven't been born yet?   Don't you think He'd allow them an option?
His love is so radiantly full and complete that He allows us a choice:  Live for Him or not.

In the end we have to choose to trust His goodness, faithfulness and mercy. He has entrusted His message to our imperfect hands.

Indubitably, we need to continue to spread His message to the four corners of the globe.

One Love,

"But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day."  2 Peter 3:8

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    Is the Bible the accurate word God or are the opinions of men the absolute truth?

    According to the average of May 2005, May 2006, May 2007 Gallup Polls state that 40% of protestants and 45% of other Christians believe that the Bible is the actual word of God, to be taken literally. If that is a fact, then at least 55% who claim to be Christians do not believe the Bible is God's accurate word.

    If those claiming to be Christian do not trust the Bible, then who or what do they trust? They are left with the opinions of men.

    JOHN MacArthur Quote:
    In Acts 2:38, Peter appears to link forgiveness of sins to baptism. But there are several plausible interpretations of this verse that do not connect forgiveness of sin with baptism. It is possible to translate the Greek preposition eis—”because of,” or “on the basis of,” instead of “for.” It is used in that sense in Matthew 3:11; 12:41; and Luke 11:32.

    There is not one English translation of the the Bible that translates "for" of Acts 2:38 as "because of" or "on the basis of".

    Max Lucado Quote:

    3) “What of the ones who die before they have a chance? What if I entrust my soul to Christ and before I can tell anyone or arrange to be baptized, a swarm of killer bees attacks me and I die?”
    The answer to this question is found in the character of God. Would a God of love reject an honest heart? No way. Would a God of mercy and kindness condemn any seeking soul? Absolutely not. Having called you and died for you would he cast you away because of a curious sequence of events? Inconceivable. Is it possible for an unbaptized believer to be saved? Yes, definitely. Should every believer be baptized? Yes, definitely.

    Jesus Quote:

    Mark 16:15-16 ...preach the gospel to every creature. 16 He who believes and is baptized will be saved...(NKJV)

    Realizing that 55% of those who claim to be Christian do not believe the Bible is God's word, it is no shock that men reject the clear teaching of Scripture.

    Belief and water baptism are essential to salvation regardless of man-made doctrine.

    Men are not baptized in water because they are already saved. Water baptism is in order to be saved.

    What could more illogical, than to believe the Bible is not the accurate word of God, and then believe without question, preachers, priests, Bible commentaries, church creed books and other extra-Biblical writings?