Monday, October 17, 2016

Women DESERVE Our Respect

In my opinion, this should be number one on EVERY guy's priority list.

Women DESERVE our respect.

Not ONLY because they're mothers to us all.

Male and female alike, which they are, in MY opinion, they're the better sex.  They care with their hearts 💕 AND the rest of their physical bodies, which they do, wholly and completely sacrifice to the cause.  It's no simple task caring that much.  It can make you physically sick with despair, almost unheard of to men.

Men are so narcissistic.  So coarse and rugged.  I guess some girls like that.  lol  
Not me.  But I better not get off topic.  lol   Somebody pinch me when I do that 😂

Anyway, they need our respect.  Not necessarily because they're less capable or anything like that.  "I" think they're more capable.

I think they've proven:  they can do any and everything a man can do.  Probably better, in some cases at least.  Besides make a baby, and idk how long that'll be true!  What with technology making verifiable LEAPS and BOUNDS on a daily basis.

The real reason men should respect women is because men WANT to be respected.  Give respect to earn respect.  

None of this: guys are better than girls malarkey.
Such BS.

I can PROMISE you, I would much rather be with a dozen girls than a dozen guys.  On really any circumstance.

Maybe it's just how I was raised.


I LOVE women.

One Love,


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