Sunday, July 23, 2017

A New Era Is Upon Us

A new era is upon us.
We have to shed the quickly dissipating past generations and make our mark in history. The past is behind us, and we need to think about the future. HONESTLY, I don't think we have much time left.

Whatever u wanna believe, we can't deny the astronomical rate in which things are dissolving away. "I" believe Jesus is coming soon, could be ten years or twenty, nobody knows the day. ALL I know is quite a few signs, foretold in the Bible THOUSANDS of yrs ago are happening. Everyone needs to ask themselves what would happen if I'm right? What's gonna happen to me and other people who believe like I do?!
ETERNAL bliss and TOTAL gratification in praising the true King 👑 every moment!

I'm not a Biblical scholar, and honestly, even if I was nobody'd wanna read someone ramble on for paragraphs so I'm not sure I would.

And then u need to ask yourself what would happen if you're wrong?!
ETERNAL damnation.
Would being tortured over and over again for all eternity be fun?
I think not.
Claim Jesus with your heart.
BELIEVE with your heart, and u WILL be saved.

I'm telling u this because I care.
I'm not malevolent or anything.
I don't want anyone to be eternally damned. "I" want everyone to make it - including you.

PLS listen to reason.
PLS don't forfeit your soul.
For ALL time.

One Love,

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