Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I believe it.

Such a vastly discrepant world, shows little promise of armistice.
And not just a ceasefire among nations
And finally, the big one, of the era seemingly,
Money. 💰

Everyone's clawing for more:
More freedom
More independence
More money of course
Just more.

We see less ingenuity everyday, and more just blatant disregard for that what is wholesome and good.
Inadequacy rules with an ugly, almost STUPID 👊
Immorality, depravity, and heinousness reigns supreme
Especially now, more than ever before.

Why do we flee from the truth?
The good book predicted it, and yet we "mull" around, almost COMPLETELY oblivious to the truth, as it almost strikes us SQUARE in the face.

Didn't Noah have the same exact problem?!

Side note 📝:
I was reading a book one time, I don't remember the name...
It was listing all the irrevocable proof of Christianity:
It said that there is no physical way to prove that Jesus was the son of God -
It's all about faith.
So let's just prove that Jesus was an actual, living person.
MUCH more verifiable lol

Did u know that there is more proof that Jesus actually lived than that there is water in the Gulf of Mexico?

I'm sry but THAT'S a pretty far stretch...

Then I thought about it
Jesus, since His time has been THE most celebrated and idolized man in history
Idk exactly, in fact I'm pretty sure that nobody can give u the EXACT number
Let's just say that MILLIONS of buildings have been constructed, named after, and used for His glory
Not to mention ALL the paintings, monuments, and other artwork DEVOTED to Him
Sounds to me like He was a pretty exceptional "man"!

It also talked about Noah:
Now, back in those days, it'd be a pretty big gamble to say water covered the WHOLE world 🌎 a dubious proposition at best.
More than likely the WHOLE world was a radically different story from today
I mean like for them, the whole world could be like that entire continent
Eurasia or whatever.

It also talked about some of the mountains having proof of water covering way above sea level
Idk, not a scientist and don't remember exactly...

ALL I can HONESTLY say is that if He said it:
I believe it.

I'd like for everyone to make it
Alas, pretty doubtful.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. lol

One Love,

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