Sunday, December 15, 2013

Please Pray

Yet ANOTHER swallow test scheduled for this Thursday.

Last week, even though I knew I might not like my answer (I really can't remember the last circumstance that I faced and questioned in recent years where I liked my answer), Haha 'twas a pretty intricately laced sentence I just wrote. Anyways, I asked "Will I have a feeding tube forever?" My speech therapist has always been pretty straightforward with me, not negative but more realistic. I shouldn't even be alive presently. I am, thank God for that. She responded: "Í can't answer that honestly without seeing the results from your next swallow study."

So please, please pray for good results. Pray again, if need be. I would like to model underwear someday, but that's not possible with a feeding tube. HA HA!  I'm really worried about this test on Thursday.  It takes literally two seconds to pray. 

"God please help Superman eat!"   Period.

Prayer works. I'm a living testament to that.


  1. God please help Superman eat! Amen!

  2. God please help Superman eat! Amen!

  3. Go, please help Superman eat...via the mouth and not a tube...chewing, swallowing, digesting, etc.