Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Business Opportunity

Presently, I can't give the details concerning this job  because I don't want anyone to steal this astronomical idea. It's to fund me, to get licensed to help you guys save hundreds.
One that I have already calculated will save over 400$ annually. Can you even imagine how staggering that figure would be?
That's a vacation!
If not more.

This job will be a safe environment for me, being since I can't walk with full stability yet, much less drive ANYWHERE.
From Manager of a restaurant to this helpless state, good trade off yes?
HA, no.

This job will offer you a substantial foothold in our diminishing economy.
I can't promise you an extra 400$, but I can promise a sizeable chunk of money.
My birthday is January 5, please help me achieve one of my dreams by then. Please.

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