Wednesday, June 25, 2014


First they told mom and dad that I would be completely blind in my right eye (mom had decided I could really rock an eye patch though).  Then they forcibly pressed that walking EVER again was impossible.  While I don't see 20/20, I must admit the wreck definitely did affect my vision significantly.  But I'm pretty sure I saw the chair, as I walked into this room before I sat down. 

While I do thank the doctors for their stupendous jaw dropping work, I mostly extol the Lord for my incredible recovery. 

Back I don't know, I reckon five years ago, I didn't have a book idea AT ALL.

Now, I'd reckon I have around three to five book ideas, ON TOP of the current book Dr. Linam and I are stringently working on. 
I was HORRIBLY confused and RADICALLY misled.  Praise be to God for illuminating the correct path. 

One Love,

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