Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Speech Therapy

I must thank some very close family members greatly for being able to eat a little bit now. I've always absolutely loathed speech therapy. Instead I have concentrated on physical therapy.

I always thought to myself that the one thing that excluded me from everybody else on a journey like this was walking.  So I figured if I could master that everything else would come in time.  
My close family members got in contact with the inventor of DPNS.  This stands for Deep Pharyngeal Neuromuscular Stimulation. Google it if you wish. It's quite a process/procedure. We are so grateful that the creator of this would take the time to look at my records. She's truly an expert. 
Every single brain injury clinic gave me little hope that I'd ever eat again?
That's funny because I've been eating some pureed foods since December 20.

Completely baffles me.

But thanks to some really close family members, the two speech therapists I'm working with presently at Hillcrest talk directly to the DPNS lady every fourteen days. How cool is that?  God really does work in mysterious ways as they say. I've been at four brain injury clinics across the state of Texas, but yet I end up in WACO with these two awesome therapists providing me with more hope and encouragement than I've had anywhere else.

Basically, DPNS uses lemon swabs to "retrain" my brain in the function of swallowing correctly.  I don't know the proper terminology.  It's not a quick or easy process.  But no pain, no gain.

So, July, that's the month I'm hoping I SHOULD be eating.
Wow! Lol.
Just some good old sarcasm, to start the week off right.  
Please continue to pray for my speech and swallowing. I appreciate it. 

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