Friday, June 28, 2013

Never Say Never

I had LOADS of doctors tell Mom and Dad that I would NEVER again do certain things. It was a long journey, through years of rehab clinics, but I always kept my faith.

My parents were told on numerous occasions that I would never walk.  On my first break at home, mom told me, "If only you could go to the bathroom alone, this would be astoundingly easier." With a treadmill that had hand grips, I practiced and accomplished that goal. 'Twas very scary, because if I go to fall, I have a long way to go.  LONG.  By the way, I just walked into this room. 

At TLC in Galveston, I had a speech therapist tell Mom, "Travis will NEVER eat again unless there is new technology in the next ten years."  WOW.  I'm pretty sure I've been eating since about a month before coalescing on the Texas coast.  It was December 20, 2012, to be exact.  Currently it's just pureed foods, but I'm eating. 

Another thing the experts said that I would NEVER do again was see.  Really, WOW. 20/20 vision.
Anything else?

Oh yeah, I wasn't even supposed to survive the ambulance ride to the hospital.

I could have easily believed what these doctors and experts said.  Sure they were just going by what they saw - textbook wise I suppose I shouldn't be able to do any of these things.  Sometimes there is more to it.  That's why I've always kept my faith and determination.  I just might be a little stubborn, too. 

No pain, No gain. 

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