Monday, July 8, 2013

Shibby Movie Reviews

I didn't have a good blog idea, so I figured I'd try my hand at movie reviews.

To get started, I watched the movie World War Z.
When I heard about this movie, from the name,
I wrongly pictured some advanced warfare movie. I guess that would be Star Wars,
or maybe Star Trek.
So, I guess not. LOL
NOT freakin zombies
Anyway, not a bad movie...
Slightly unbelievable, how in the heck could people be reduced to that?
Overall though, pretty good.

White House Down was next. 
An epic movie - a good comedy with some laughs that make you think a little bit.
Definitely a guy movie.

The Lone Ranger
A bit of a let down, in the comedy department.
With Pirates of the Carribean being released a few years ago, Johnny Depp's Mona
Lisa, I most definitely can see the audience using that as a diving point.
Thus, people thinking Johnny Depp to have an outstanding acting performance has occurred. 
'Twas ok.

Man of Steel
I know I'm pretty much expected to give an outstanding review on said film.
I've seen quite a few movies over the years, and
Man of Steel was most definitely one of the better movies I've seen out of the hundreds,
if not thousands, I've seen. 
'Twas VERY meaningful and
gave a great message.

or "cool" to the uneducated.

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