Sunday, September 29, 2013

Speech Update

Just recently, I started speech therapy for the fall semester at Baylor. As long as I'm making progress, I'm permitted to attend the program, please pray I continue to successfully navigate said peaks and nail biting terraces. Only with God is any of this even conceivable. Baylor is helping me talk once more, while my speech therapists over at Hillcrest are working diligently with the woman who invented DPNS (deep pharyngeal neurological stimulus or something like that) on my swallowing whole foods capability, fairly productively I'd wager. Along with the arduous task my throat needs, they are torturing me with some facial nerve device for my drooling.  Just kidding, although it does have a biting characteristic.  Pretty recently, I had yet ANOTHER swallow test. It seems that therapy has no end, in this my darkest hour. Yet, I continuously press on, as I don't really have an option, to achieve my very distant goal of being fully recovered and living in LA. Tis surely improbable, but definitely not impossible. From the swallow study, the Hillcrest therapists realized I needed to go to an ENT doctor (ear, nose, and throat). I saw Dr. Holland and he will do a procedure to dilate my esophagus and put Botox on a muscle that is not opening like it should on Thursday, October 10th. 
PLEASE pray all goes well.

New therapist at Baylor.  She's great.  
With La Tante at Baylor.

 At Dr. Holland's -

Thank you for the prayers.  



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