Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Things Could Always Be ...

I have ventured on a myriad of treks and journeys through Texas, but in my
"stays" in around about five brain injury clinics I was faced with some brutally
lethargic cases. People that were so victimized by said injuries, pity never
even asked to come out and play. Nay, 'twas forced out of me, like vomit. It was
all of us young, athletic, and charming men. Two of which were undoubtedly
college football players, pretty good from what I hear. It wasn't an injury from
football that did them in, surprisingly. Alcohol was the leading cause in their
injuries as well, funny how that works.

One was boisterously drunk, running around, making a complete fool of himself, I
reckon. He stupidly decided the best course of action, would be to latch on to a
moving vehicle while riding on a skateboard. Must I go into detail about what
happened next? Today, he is nothing more than a five year old. Good decision,
wouldn't you say? I don't think so.

Yet another of my companions, was floating down the Comal River, inevitably drinking.
Something which all of us has done, at one time or another.
But he ran into a couple, where the guy was being excessively
abusive to his girlfriend.  My compadre, a stand up kinda guy, I guess, told the
jerk to give it a rest.  BAD idea. The guy beat the heck out of my friend,
I mean really bad. ALMOST to the brink
of death, but he made it out the other end of the long, dark, and decrepit
tunnel. Mentally intact, but FAR from physically okay. Yes, mentally fine, but
paralyzed from the neck down. Really now?
How evil can you be?  To do that to someone?
Bludgeon them mercilessly, until they are cringing under
your steadily rising furious blows. Probably bleeding LONG before you've
finished. I believe that an act such as this is so heinous, so the death penalty
should, at least be considered. I mean why not? Their subliminal actions weren't
murder, but they might as well have been. My buddy, can NEVER walk again, really NEVER
in fact do anything. Also extremely doubtful he'll ever talk again.  

Things could ALWAYS be worse.
MUCH worse.

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