Monday, August 12, 2013

Shibby Movie Reviews II

Presumably We're the Millers was sick (means good). Definitely a party boy movie with quite funny
scenes. Makes me chuckle just thinking about it. Obviously a high school movie,
with an edge to it.

The Conjuring was not a real nail biter, but definitely one of the scarier movies I've seen. More high
packed suspense, it left you wondering just what was in that door ajar closet.

Obviously 2 Guns was inexorably a guy movie.  Mom liked it a lot, while I thought it was
okay. Definitely not the best, but then again not the worst.

Elysium is one of my faves out of the movies playing. A lot of edge of the seat action, fairly good
storyline, although I find Matt Damon repulsive. It's not really his acting that
bothers me, it's just his demeanor drives me insane.  But Elysium is one of those exceptional movies.

or "cool" to the uneducated. 

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